Carolyn McDade workshop, Green moves in land and spirit...We sing!
Green moves in land and spirit…We sing!,
Carolyn’s 3-night program,
Bethlehem Retreat Centre, December 2014
(photo Dianne Anderson)

SWS is one of 14 women’s singing circles across Canada and the US who primarily sing songs composed by Carolyn McDade and Norma Luccock.

Some of these groups host 2- to 5-night programs guided by Carolyn and 1- to 3-night workshops led by Norma. Images from a few of these are on this page.

Groups who meet on a regular basis can be found in the following areas.

Canada United States
  • Victoria, BC
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Calgary, AB
  • Regina, SK
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Winnepeg, MB
  • Haliburton, ON
  • Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI
    (Gaia Women, Great Lakes Basin)
  • Charlottetown, PEI
  • Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON
    (Gaia Women, Great Lakes Basin)
  • Boston, MA
    (Atlantic New England Women)
  • Carrollton, GA
    (Clear Rivers Chorus,
  • Traverse City, MI

Some of the groups above also hold 2- to 3-night retreats annually or bi-annually.  Two other groups meet for 2- or 3-night retreats annually only:

  • Sacred Emerging meets in February, UCC, Simi Valley, Los Angeles, CA
  • Women’s Singing Circle meets in March, Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA
  • Sacred Web Singers (Vancouver, BC) holds a retreat the May long weekend at Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island, BC.

Women who have sung Carolyn McDade’s and/or Norma Luccock’s songs are welcome to attend retreats.

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All Beings Confluence
All Beings Confluence
(photo Joanie Wolfe)
  • Bethlehem Retreat Centre (Nanaimo BC) hosts both Carolyn’s programs and Norma’s workshops.
  • Carolyn McDade Music.
  • Earth Literacies: The Living Language Institute Foundation’s Programs in Earth Literacies  (PiEL) offers “circle gatherings, retreats, and workshops to explore what it means to be creatures of Earth and to participate in caring for Earth from that perspective.”  PiEL hosts Norma’s 1- to 2-day workshops.
  • Marian Shatto, Singing with Crows, writes on religion, politics, and culture; Marian has worked closely with Carolyn for many years ‘s creating her sheet music; her byline is “Pray for Peace, Work for Justice, Sing for Joy.”
  • Martha Cole, Madeleine LePage, Shannon Carson, & Fenella Temmerman,  All Beings Confluencea community-based interactive artwork project of long sheer panels, each represents a single living Being; began with 75 panels (2011), increased to over 250 (2015), and continues to grow.  (See L. Wipf 17 July 2015 article, Combining art, community and spirituality into one confluence. Edmonton Journal.)
  • This ancient love: Visions of a sacred land, a co-creative video of Carolyn McDade by Marcia Gleckler (
 120 women and 250 All Beings Confluence gathered for Planet Singing On…
Carolyn McDade’s 80th Birthday Program & Celebration
14-19 July 2015, Edmonton Alberta
All Beings Confluence
All Beings Confluence
(photo Joanie Wolfe)

All Beings Confluence(photo Susan Summers)
All Beings Confluence
(photo Susan Summers)
Planet Singing On..., Carolyn McDade 80th Birthday Program & Celebration, Edmonton AB
Carolyn’s morning Program
(photo Joanie Wolfe)

All Beings Confluence
All Beings Confluence
(photo Joanie Wolfe)
All Beings Confluence
All Beings Confluence
(photo Joanie Wolfe)

All Beings Confluence
All Beings Confluence
(photo Joanie Wolfe)