Sacred Web Singers

Sacred Web Singers Gathering, June 2015
(photo Chris Mann)

From September through June, we hold one gathering per month, which is in the afternoon and usually on the third Sunday of each month.  In months when there are five weeks, a second gathering is held on the fifth Sunday.

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Sacred Web Singers meets at:

Sacred Web Singers' Winter Season Gathering, 2012

Winter Season Gathering,
December 2012
(photo Margaret Scott-Peters)

We have a Winter Season gathering at a member’s home, and a Summer Social as well.  We also hold a 3-night retreat at the Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island every 2 years.

Your experience at a Sacred Web Singers gathering will be more than just singing and learning songs.  While we do learn music and practice songs, we also have time for reflection, poetry, and readings.  Each gathering has a theme, ritual, and centerpiece that allow us to go deeper in our connection to self, to the music, to the meaning that is shared in the songs, and to each other.  We also share refreshments and finger food afterwards to deepen our social connection with each other.

Becoming a Member

Singing together in Sacred Web

Singing together in Sacred Web
(photo Chris Mann)

Anyone is welcome to come to a gathering the first time for free to experience our music and our community.  Once a person decides to join, membership is $200 per year for September through June, which pays the expenses of our gatherings. Membership gives electronic access to the music we sing as well as becoming a member of our GoogleGroup.  Through this email list, all members are able to communicate with the whole group.  Currently 25 women are members of the SWS.

For further information, please contact us.