DEADLINE: An archive of Carolyn’s materials/photos

Hello Everyone,

An email from Marian Shatto just came to my attention.  Marian has arranged with a library to create an archive of Carolyn’s materials, recordings, and photos.

Marian said today:

The earliest that the new library building at Smith College will be ready to accept more material for their special collections, including the Sophia Smith Archives that is the repository for Carolyn’s material, will be some time in October.  So I can certainly accept add-ons until the beginning of October, and if I know something is on its way, I can hold off a bit longer. For photos the ideal format is medium to high resolution .jpg files, but of course I can send prints, also.  [emphasis added]

The list of items needed for the collection is below, and I was informed that the inserts for the first two recordings have been scanned and sent to Marian, so those items are now secured.  However Marian is in need of early photos (anything before 1990), and–for Canada–“anything before the beginning gatherings for ‘We Are the Land We Sing’ (1998)” would be welcome.  “Photos from Carolyn’s time at PCTC in 1995 would [also] be a treasure!”

If any of you have photos–especially early ones–or other materials, please be in touch with Marian directly (

Thank you!

Carolyn McDade Archives Update

As many of you know, the Sophia Smith Collection of Women’s History at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, accepted Carolyn’s archives material, including recordings, songbooks, programs, photographs, and papers. I delivered the bulk of the items to the library in 2014. Since that time I have been collecting additional items from women who have sung and worked with Carolyn over the decades.

It is now time to transfer the remaining records to the archives. Smith College has built a new library to house their special collections. They are in the process of moving in and organizing massive amounts of material. Today (June 16) I spoke with the current librarian for the Sophia Smith Collection, who informed me that they will be prepared to accept additional items after October 1, 2021. During the intervening time I will be organizing and listing what I’ve collected from everyone, transferring digital files to flash drives, and packaging everything for shipping. There are a few “holes” in the record which I would like to fill if possible, so if you have or have access to any of the items listed below, please be in touch with me by September 15 to arrange transfer. My email is MLSHATTO@PTD.NET.

Carolyn’s archives are now indexed and will be available to researchers after the library opens. You can view the online index here:

Items needed:

  • Photographs from A Continent in Song (Saskatchewan, 2005)
  • Photographs from any Carolyn McDade event before 1990 (identify date and location)
  • Songbook, lyric sheet, and/or list of participants for “Honor Thy Womanself”
  • Songbook, lyric sheet, and/or list of participants for “Leave the Breads a’Burning”
  • Complete lyrics to the following songs:
    • At Home (1973)
    • Mama, Mama (1975)
    • Typical Topical Group (1975)

Digital format is much preferred. Photos should be .jpg files and paper documents should be scanned or printed as .pdf files. If this isn’t possible for you, let me know so that we can work out an alternative.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this archiving project. It is so good to know that Carolyn’s words and music will be available to inspire young activists for many decades to come.