Joyce Hale’s memorial service

Greetings Friends,

It is with a tender heart that I write to let you know of SWS member Joyce Hale’s passing.  Please consider this your invitation to celebrate her life at her memorial service, which will be held this Saturday 25 Nov 2017 from 2-4pm at Sapperton Pensioners’ Hall, 318 Keary St, New Westminster (parking available at rear of the building).

However also, SWS has been asked to sing Circle of Life, O Beautiful Gaia, and Spirit of Life, and we would welcome any and all former members who would like to join us in song.  The memorial service organizers have asked how many people will be singing–therefore–if you would like to join SWS’ voices and increase our numbers, please be sure to contact our director Susan Summers ( so she may include you in the count.

with heart and thanks,
Joanie Wolfe