Sep 11, 2021: Zoom with Carolyn (12-noon PST)

Dear Friends of the Sacred Web,
I am writing to let you know that the Zooms with Carolyn are starting up again–and this Saturday Sep 11 is the first of the fall when:

we sing to celebrate life, to inspire and toughen our living, to keep the vision true before us, within us, through us. We sing to live with compassion, to give shape to a woman’s perspective of justice which will include all silenced, dispossessed, oppressed. We sing to nurture solidarity.  I heard a mountain woman say, “Suppose we lose everything and have only one another. This is where we must start, with the strength, vision and creativity we have together” Her challenge pulses through this music. We pray that if we must, we will let all else drop away that we may honor, be with, and love from this stark place of our collective integrity and commitment. If we must, we will continue our song with only our voices and our love with only our living, as people have done before us. All will be toward the well-being and dignity of ourselves, our sisters globally, and all people seeking liberation.

These lovely Zooms with Carolyn and many women from the US and Canada are led by Nancy Steeves and Dawn Waring.   Though they happen once per month, I only post about these Zooms occasionally (once every 3 to 6 months).  I do however send-out the Zoom information for each month to a separate maillist.  (For security reasons, we have been asked not to publicly post the events’ information and links.)
For example, I sent this Saturday’s info out to my “wider-Sacred Web” maillist about an hour ago.  If you have already received that email from me, then you are on my maillist and you will receive notification of each monthly Zoom about 5 days before it happens.  If you haven’t received that email from me, then please do be in touch to let me know you’d like to attend and I will forward that email to you and add you to that maillist.
Wishing you all a gentle fall season.
Joanie Wolfe


As a reminder: Here is the info for ordering any of Carolyn’s CDs, and as well the book ‘Running Barefoot: Women Write the Land’ that was highlighted during our singing through of the project ‘We are the Land We Sing’. Running Barefoot was one of the ‘creative offshoots’ of the project. It is a collection of prose and poetry interspersed with the songs from the recording, hand notated by Marian Shatto, and there are copies for sale at discounted price $10 (shipping included) .  You can order copies of the book here:

Wynne Edwards
11 Valleyview Cres,
Edmonton, AB
T5R 5S5
Phone 780 484 3685
If you want to order any of Carolyn’s CDs you can go to her website:  and check out her Music page and order form for details on ordering. The older CD’s will be available at some future time, as homemade CDS.  More info to come when it is known.
For some context, here are some highlights from the year 1984:
The assassination of Indira Ghandhi, identification of HIV virus as the cause of AIDS epidemic, Geraldine Farraro became first woman to run for presidential ticket, Ronald Regan was elected for a second term, ‘Prince’ released Purple Rain, with Cold War raging, fourteen eastern bloc countries and allies refused to compete in the 1984 summer olympics held in California, Tetris video game was released, Crack Cocaine first showed up in LA, Footloose movie and soundtrack became hits, Jeopardy’s Alex Trebeck began as host of what was to become the most popular and enduring game show, space shuttle ‘Discovery’ had its first flight, UK miners strike began and lasted a full year, famine in Ethiopia sparked the ‘Bandaid’ relief concert to raise money, Marvin Gaye was killed by his father, first heart and liver transplant take place, Pierre Trudeau steps down as PM of Canada, First ,major gun shooting massacre at a McDonalds in California, ongoing nuclear testing in Nevada USA and Soviet Union, Tina Turner’s ‘What’s love got to do with it’ tops the charts, Challenger 6 launches first Canadian ‘Marc Garneau’ into space, NBC premieres ‘The Burning Bed’, Desmond Tutu wins Nobel Peace Prize, Katie Perry, Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg were born.