SWS Concert: A Sharing Event

3 June 2018       1:30pm to 4:30pm
St. Margaret’s Cedar Cottage      1530  East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver BC

Spirit of Life is an informal concert event where we all sit in circle formation and everyone can sing along.  Our families, friends, and the public have been invited, so get your tickets here ($11 adults and $6 children); or $14 adults and $8 children at the door.

Let your day be transformed by music that lifts the spirit and opens the heart.  Come sing with us and share meaningful songs that celebrate the Spirit of Life and our joyful relationship to all!

Refreshments will be served afterwards.   If you’re interested, CDs will be for sale as well (cash only please).

Other Events

The Sacred Web Singers lend their voices in support of community events whose purpose is social, environmental, economic, or gender justice, and to foster peace. We have sung at conferences, memorial services, worship services, weddings, at the Rivendell Retreat Centre’s events, and at local events that support social justice causes and peace events.


Burns Bog Pilgrimage, April 2015
(photo Gerard Cowan)

  • If you are interested in having the Sacred Web Singers sing for your event, please contact us.
  • Any honourarium is gratefully accepted.

We support the Burn’s Bog Conservation Society by singing at their annual Earth Day Pilgrimage each year (2009 video).

Sacred Web Singers sing at Open Doors for Peace

Open Doors for Peace, June 2015
(photographer unknown)


We sang at the Open Doors for Peace event in Surrey BC, which is organized by community members, Friends of the Grove.